Comparing CGRP Blockers for Migraine Prevention

Comparing CGRP blockers is the next big challenge for Migraine patients.
Side-by-Side Comparison of Aimovig, Ajovy, and Emgality


  1. Ajovy has been a miracle for me. I feel like I’ve found the head transplant I’ve always half-jokingly said I wanted. I can easily tell when the 30 days is up and my old head starts coming back to life.

  2. Yes Sarah. I did 4 months of AIMOVIG and had MAJOR hair loss in clumps!! Continuously! I’m horrified. Plus severe anxious, nervous, heart palpitations, shakiness/trembling symptoms for a couple of weeks after each injection. Terrible joint pain. Insomnia. And it made my migraines MORE severe and still constant.
    Switched to Emgality 2 months ago. No bad side effects but continued hair loss! Not sure if it’s the Aimovig still in my system or if ALL these CGRP meds have balding as an unlisted side effect! Who would take them if they listed “Hair Loss” as a known side effect? Emgality didn’t make my migraines worse but there’s not substantial improvement to justify possible continued hair loss. So I’m stopping it too. Done with all of them.

  3. Do any of the migraine injections cause hair loss or thinning?

  4. This is the best time to be a CH or Migraine sufferer. So much medical progress leading the way to several possible relief options

    1. Not sure any time is the best time to be a migraine sufferer, but I get your point lol…

    2. Agree… it’s never a good time to get migraine however, I’ve been taking aimovig for 5 months now. My migraine frequency has reduced to approx 2-3 per month vs 3-4 per week. Yes, constipation has been a side effect but it is so worth have less migraines.

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