Tammy Rome, LPC is a licensed, board-certified NBCC counselor. She’s also an associate member of both the American Headache Society and the International Headache Society. Tammy offers behavioral telehealth services to clients with migraine and other headache disorders.

In her role as President of Cluster Headache Support Group, Tammy advocates for migraine and cluster patients throughout the year. In February, she travels to Washington, D.C for “Headache on the Hill.” Since its inception in 2012, she has accepted the Social Media Challenge for Migraine and Headache Awareness Month.  She also volunteers for the Runnin’ for Research 5-K each fall.

You can read more of Tammy’s work on her website. Follow her on Twitter or view her professional profile on LinkedIn.

By the Numbers: June 15, 2018 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

Cluster Headache is about as prevalent as muscular sclerosis and is characterized by periodic cycles with attacks occuring in frequency of every other day up to eight times per day. Cluster Headache is often referred to as "Suicide Headache" because the attacks are so severe. Patients with Cluster say the pain is worse than anything they've ever felt, including gunshot wounds, broken bones, and unmedicated childbirth....read more