Our mission

is to offer a truly comprehensive resource for medically accurate
information about migraine and other headache disorders.

Our vision

is to be the leader in quality online information
about migraine and other headache disorders


adherence to ethical
principles; character; honesty


faithful representation of the
truth; correct; exact; precise


outstanding quality or superior
merit; exceptionally good


easy to understand; sincere;
straightforward; open

Leading by Example

MigraineDisease.com is an industry leader as the only patient-owned and operated website to have medical review of all content from the beginning. All our medical content is reviewed for accuracy by a team of board-certified neurologists, specializing in the treatment of migraine and other headache disorders. Our mental health content is reviewed by licensed psychologists and mental health therapists also specializing in migraine and headache disorders. We offer a truly comprehensive resource for medically accurate information about migraine and other headache disorders.

Executive Team

Brian Rome

Managing Partner

Entrepreneur and IT professional, Brian Rome co-leads the MigraineDisease.com team, providing valuable business insight. He brings a fresh perspective, keeping us all grounded in the realities of business management.

Tammy Rome, LPC

Managing Partner


Headache disorders counselor, Tammy Rome shares her valuable insights as our behavioral health expert. She dusted off her web development skills to create our technical framework and doubles as our webmaster.

Teri Robert

Editorial Director


Award-winning patient educator and author of Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches, Teri Robert shares her extensive knowledge of Migraine disease. She sets the bar high to preserve our editorial standards and information quality.

Medical Advisory Board

Robert Cowan, MD

Professor of Neurology, Chief of the Division of Headache Medicine at Stanford University, Co-Founder BonTriage

Alan Rapoport, MD

Clinical Professor of Neurology at UCLA Dept of Neurology, Co-Founder BonTriage

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Corporate Structure

MigraineDisease.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven Portions, LLC. Seven Portions, LLC is a privately held limited liability company, incorporated in the state of Kansas. Its managing partners are Brian Rome and Tammy Rome, LPC.  MigraineDisease.com is managed by a collaboration between our executive, editorial, and medical advisory boards.

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